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Saturday, January 7, 2017

3 Ways I Hide My Depression

Everyone has their ways of going undetected. Having a mental illness is still something we cannot have without being stigmatized and isolated from society. It is scary, and dangerous, to let the nature of our illnesses show around those who just would not understand it. So we find ways to appear normal. Here are mine: 1. Baking Cookies I get out of bed, wander into my kitchen, draw out ingredients and get baking. Sometimes - if she is in the mood - my daughter joins me from her high chair. I make 4 or 5 dozen cookies, and then I deliver them to the local homeless support. I have to borrow a rig from my family, in turn they tell everyone that I am doing things for the homeless community. 2. Great Makeup Depression and Anxiety bring havoc on our faces. Dark bags under our eyes, discolored skin, dehydration, and skin irritations make us look disheveled and tired. My way of coping with this is to put on a full face of makeup. Portraying an even skin tone, and clear complexion can do a lot to help me blend in. 3. Making Music I am a singer-songwriter. I put together lyrics and melodies, record them endlessly, and show off a little. This shows my loved ones that I am still working on things that I am passionate about. I am still doing things that I am interested in. Honestly, I have been re-working the same songs for too long now, and I am not making anything new. But, they see me being okay.
Peace, Love, and Bulletproof Marshmallows Mandey T

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