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Monday, January 2, 2017

You Might Be Missing Out This Month

So, I will continue to post daily here, and to get things written concisely, and well, but you should be aware of something.
This announcement will become fully effective as of January 7th.
With my Patreon account fully functional, and work toward making my writing hobby into a career, There will be posts there that you may miss out on.

  • Most Daily Posts will be posted there first. Example: My January 1st post for #YesToLife will be posted there on January 1st, and here on January 2nd. My MightyMonth journal entries will go there a Day early, and any videos will be posted there a day early. - All of this only visible to subscribed patrons. - However, all of these posts will make it here (and hopefully onto The Mighty) the next day.
  • Patron Exclusives. My Patrons - depending on monthly contribution - get awesome exclusive bonuses. I admit, I tried to keep this somewhat minimal, as I believe that my voice is meant to be shared freely. 
    • Hand-written letters
    • Q and A sessions
    • Topic suggestions
    • Handmade gifts
    • Shoutouts
    • Video Calls on Skype.
What you get without becoming a Patron:
  • I will continue submitting 2-3 daily stories to The Mighty. Anything out of those that are published will be posted here, on facebook, and linked to Twitter and Google+
  • My Facebook page is always open for messaging - Patron or not
  • A Daily Digest post that is publicly posted here, on Facebook, and on Patreon on the same day.
Hope you like what is coming. 
Peace, Love, Bulletproof Marshmallows
Mandey T

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