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Sunday, January 8, 2017

6 Ways That Moving To The City is Good For Me

Just less than a week ago I moved from a small country town and into a bustling city. Since then I have set about expanding my small circle and making friends. So, here are the 6 things that my move into the city environment has done for me:
1. A More Controllable Environment
With more streets, more cafeterias, and more options in things to do, I can really control my level of stimulation, and interaction that deal with on a daily basis. I am happier, more relaxed, and I am enjoying my life more than I was in the country town I moved from.
2. A Wider Variety of Potential Friends More people means more choices. In my old town, I really did not have a lot of choices in who to socialize with. With this comes the ability to find friends who won’t reject me later due to my illnesses, and who will be more support than critique.
3. More Variance in Culture
I love culture. It is, for me, something that lets me find the place I want to be in the moment. From day to day I enjoy finding new spots that are unfamiliar to me. Be it a new Chinese diner, or a German bar, I find comfort in traveling through local culture. This helps my depression and my anxiety in phenomenal ways.
4. Better Medical Options
In a bigger place, I get more choices regarding medical providers. Though I adore the team I had in Oregon, I feel that I have more viable choices in who and how I am treated. It also opens the door to treatments that may not have come up before, which might be the right step towards stronger recovery.
5. Sweet, Sweet Freedom
Again, this move has given me one – very important – thing for my personal recovery. It has given me freedom. In Oregon I was pretty much locked into my home unless I convinced someone to lend me their vehicle, or got a ride. Here, I can catch a bus and go anywhere. This is so much help for my illnesses because I can change my surroundings whenever I need to.
6. Quiet
I am aware that most people associate the city with being loud and busy. It is. But it is also quiet and secluded. No one has time to pry into who you are and why. It allows me to find awesome places where I am left alone and the quiet is amazing.
There you have it, lovelies, the move is good for me, and I for it. Peace, Love, and Bulletproof Marshmallows Mandey T

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